Zebra Device Command Override

The Zebra Device Command Override feature is new to the xi4, ZM, ZT, 105SLPlus and ZE500 series printers to allow the capability of filtering out commands such as Print Speed, Darkness and Top of Form.  In most instances these statements can be filtered out in the driver by checking “Use printer settings”.  But in some instances where the source of the code is from an outdated system, a virtual OS, or custom software, controlling these commands may be difficult.  So filtering out the command before it is acted on by the printer is a great feature to have (and long overdue).

But, the instructions provided by Zebra (downloaded from www.zebra.com) have gaps.  And this blog is posted to help to fill those gaps.

1st, make sure the firmware version is 53.17.12 or greater.  It is best to use the latest firmware, anyway. Use ZDownloader to install new firmware, if needed.  Print out the hex code of the label that is causing issues.  Identify the code causing the issue (have your ZPL manual handy).  For instance Darkness may include a “^MD” or “~SD” followed by the Darkness value.  In our particular instance, an old program in an AS400 script was sending ~SD15 command which made barcode too dark to read.

Using Zebra Setup Utilities open communications to the printer and send the override command to include the code that needs to be filtered.  In the example above use the Zebra Device Command Override statement:

! U1 setvar "device.command_override.add" "~SD"

to filter out AS400 darkness command to the printer.

Do a “list” command with the Zebra Device Command Override statement to assure the command has been received.

! U1 getvar "device.command_override.list"

should return a value = “~SD”

Then do the Zebra Device Command Override statement to activate the override.

! U1 setvar "device.command_override.activate" "Yes"

Print out a configuration to assure command override = active

Print labels, checking that the value of the command that is to be filtered is not changed by the data.

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