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Your own Barcode Printer Ups Your Bottom Line

  Barcodes are on everything, used by most every company in some capacity. Small businesses, medium and big businesses all use barcodes to help classify, organize and sell their products. Many companies order their barcodes from an outside company instead of investing in an in-house barcode scanner for employee use. However, when an in-house scanner […]

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Labels and Ribbons

I posted on this topic last year, but it is one of the most important factors that influence the operation of your printer – Labels and ribbons.  No different than the quality of the non-OEM ink cartridge you might install in an inkjet printer or the quality of the toner cartridge installed in a laser […]

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Thunderbird Expands In Spring

As business picks up for spring, the demand for technical services and printer supplies is high, and as we stated in our last April newsletter, productivity is increasing to help keep our clients up and running consistently.  To help meet this demand, we’ve been expanding our services, reaching from San Diego, to St. Louis and […]

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RFID Equipment and Asset Tracking

RFID Equipment Tracking Solutions Accurate Asset inventory is the basis to solid business decisions for your company’s profitability. RFID equipment tracking software or bar code fixed assets inventory applications confirms your equipment and financial data that actually exist in your operation. Now you have visibility to data to execute informed decisions and attain many benefits […]

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RFID and Inventory Control

In the current economic environment maintaining proper inventory levels is crucial. Maintaining proper levels of inventory to assure customer satisfaction and keeping ahead of customer trends and market demands require constant inventory maintenance. The result of not doing so may disadvantage capital flexibility and increase other inventory related expenses such as overstock, labor and year-end […]

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RFID – Wander Management Solutions

WanderTrack – Wander Alarm Solution A Tool for Wander Alarm, Wander management and Wander Control WanderTrack is a user-friendly web-based software used in conjunction with appropriate RFID Hardware to track mobile assets in hospitals and construction site locations.  It is ideal for various senior care providers such as assisted living facilities,  skilled nursing facilities, or hospitals. It is instrumental in […]

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‘Ribbon End’ Error on Citizen CL S700 Printer

The ‘Ribbon End’ error on this model printer may be caused by a pinched timing sensor wire in the Left Ribbon Frame Assembly. Check the obvious, first.  Be sure the ribbon cores are securely on the ribbon spindles and they do not slip as the ribbon comes off the ribbon supply.  Be sure the ribbon take up tension and […]

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