EasyLabel by Tharo Systems

EasyLabel has long since been the easiest software package to use. This software sends the same ASCII command sequence expected by each model printer. It is a very robust software program which can operate multiple printers simultaneously without a problem. It is by far the easiest program to use with databases.

LabelView by Teklynx

LabelView is intuitive, economical, yet powerful enough to drive the majority of barcode printers in the market in their native mode of operation whether it is connected to a standalone computer or used as a network printer.


NiceLabel is a true Windows label program. Several label printer manufacturers use the windows printer drivers created by NiceLabel. NiceLabel is a Microsoft and Oracle Partner and their program is Windows 8 compatible. Moreover, they are Certified Integration with SAP Applications.

Bartender by Seagull Scientific

If you need true windows compatibility, this is your software. The printer drivers created by Seagull Scientific are reliable and have stood the test of time.

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