Zebra Printers

Zebra Performance Series Printers

Zebra’s High Performance xi Series printers are designed for high demand and 24/7 operation. They are clearly the most versatile of any thermal barcode printer. The xi series of barcode printers are built to last and have proven themselves in the most demanding and harshest environments. The current models are 110xi4, 140xi4, 170xi4 and 220xi4.

Zebra Industrial and Economy Printers

Zebra also offers the 105SL Plus printer which replaces the 105SL (discontinued Fall 2014). A bit less robust in its features, the 105SL Plus is built on the same platform as the xi series and can handle the same demanding conditions. For the more budget minded, Zebra offers a range of printers designed for less demanding conditions. The ZT-410 series replaces ZM400 and ZM600 which were discontinued in Fall 2014.  As a re-design of the Z-Series Printers it is equipped with feature rich capabilities and can withstand the demands of constant on demand printing. The Economy Class printers (ZT230 and ZT220) are designed for less demanding conditions yet can be configured with a number of options.  They replace the Zebra S4M (discontinued in Fall 2014).

Zebra PAX Print Engines

For conveyor and print and apply applications, Zebra offers the ZE500 Series Print Engines which replaced previous PAX4 Print Engines (Discontinued in Fall 2014). They have the same robust characteristics as the Performance Printers (xi4 series) and are designed to run in high demand 24/7 conditions. Current models offered by Zebra are the ZE500/4 (4″ model) and the ZE500/6 (6″ model). They are offered in right-handed and left-handed configurations, depending on the applicator. 203dpi and 300dpi options are also available. Call for the correct configuration for your application and competitive pricing.

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