Intermec Printer Repair and Service

Call Thunderbird Technical Services for your Intermec printer repair. We offer Certified Intermec Printer Service for the following printers:

  • Intermec High-Performance Printers (Generation 1 and Generation 2 Models PX4i and PX6i)
  • Intermec Mid-Range Printers (Generation 1 and Generation 2 Models PM4i, PF2i, and PF4i)
  • Intermec Commercial Printers (Generation 1 and Generation 2 Models PD41 and PD42)
  • Specialty and Legacy Printers (Models PA30, 3400, 3240, 4400, 3600)

Rely on Thunderbird to keep your printers printing clean and clear with comprehensive, certified Intermec printer services. Restore your state-of-the-art printers to full working order or take advantage of preventative maintenance to keep your business in full operation.

Stay Current With Your Intermec Printer

Subscribe to our newsletter and view our free Barcode Printer Troubleshooting Guide. Our accommodating service and our professional expertise assures your barcode printer repairs are conducted quickly, effectively and affordably. Our detailed diagnostics pinpoints required services on any repair. Our clients enjoy reliable, expert service and smooth operation of all their Generation 1 and 2 Intermec High Performance, Mid-range, Commercial, Specialty and Legacy printers with no significant downtime. From one important piece of equipment to a large collection of high-tech printers, Thunderbird Technical Services provides the service and expertise to keep every device in perfect working order.

Intermec Printer Service Programs

Thunderbird Technical Services offers on-site repair services to clients in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio Phoenix, California.  Or, send your printer in for depot repair or diagnostics and we will provide a quote within 48 hours. Call Thunderbird Technical Service today for repairs or maintenance.

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