Thunderbird Adds Additional Support Services

We, at Thunderbird Technical Services, Inc., hope you are doing well and staying safe.

After 2 plus years, we still find ourselves within the grasp of COVID-19. Maybe you’re dealing with an outbreak in your community or within your facility. Possibly, you’re reducing some services to reduce exposure. Thunderbird has ways we can provide services while still protecting your workplace. We encourage you to call us and we can customize a plan for your individual needs. Below are some ways we can help your organization:

We are still providing on-site services.

  1. We encourage that you send in your printer(s) for depot repair and maintenance. We can provide a loaner, if necessary.
  2. We have means to providing onsite services from the work van and/or trailer which are equipped with power to do work outside your facility, if necessary.
  3. We have the means to offer tele-support via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. Call us for details and the nature of the issue and we can help you out, make suggestions or visually walk you through correcting the problem. Standard service rates apply.

It is important to keep your equipment updated and well maintained now more than ever since the supply chain for parts and equipment are strained, especially since China is experiencing rolling quarantines in major transportation and manufacturing regions.

Please review the pages for your printer since parts and equipment availability between manufacturers vary.

Thank You and Stay Well!

Bill Marks
Thunderbird Technical Services, Inc.

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