Sato Printer Repair & Maintenance Services

Since 2000, Thunderbird Technical Services has been offering quality onsite printer repair and maintenance services for Lexington, Louisville, Indianapolis, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus. And now, Thunderbird Technical Services has field service engineers in California, Arizona, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Iowa.

Sato Printers have come a long way since the early days of Thunderbird Technical Services, Inc. While we have serviced the Sato printers since our beginning, we are now a proud Sato Partner.

Read our full Sato Printers partnership announcement.

Sato Printers current line includes the following products:

Industrial Barcode/Label Sato Printers

  • CL4NX Plus Thermal Printer
  • CLNX Thermal Printer
  • M84Pro
  • X-2300 Series

Sato Print Engines

  • S84-ex/S86-ex Series
  • Lt408 Series

Thunderbird Technical Services continues to offer servicing solutions for the following legacy Sato Printer models:

  • Sato Pro Series (M84Pro, M8400, M8400RVe)
  • Sato e Series (GL4e, GTe, CL408e, CL412e, CL608e, CL612e, LM408e, M5900RVe)
  • Sato S Series (8485se, 8490se, 8465se, 8460se, 8459se, S84, LT408)

Sato Printer Service Programs

The seasoned service technicians at Thunderbird Technical Services have the parts and experience to provide professional barcode printer repairs timely, effectively, and affordably, leaving you with little to no downtime. Even if Sato has declared your printer model to be unsupported, one of the Sato printer service technicians can get you back up and running.

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